Thursday, January 3, 2013


   It`s good to be back to crafting, taking pictures and snap shots. They leave you with lots of thigs to scrapbook. The hard part is chooseing what paper to use for scarbooking page.  Once the paper is choosen you are well on your way.  Now pick those perfect  pictures and add a few here and there, tuck in a ribbon or two.   Make Journaling tags, just to let others know  the when the were and the why of the pictures.  Add a few special touches that makes the scrapbooking page your own. Set back and glance at it for a moment, rememeber for yourself those days the pictures were taken.   Lovely days fun days, now you well always have  those memeories layed out, scrapbooked and dated. Ready to share with others your memeories and days worthy of scrapbooking.

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