Thursday, October 18, 2012


A invation for your fall events. The tri folds ,fold back to offer your event to your friends

White pumpkins

It`s a mini layout, to use either with another layout page or by it`s self

slide me

This is one take on a slide card, the sliding effect is band around the card. Slide the band and card will open, It is a tri fold card. 

Pumpkin sitting

This little bird is just pumpkin sitting

Hello Bear

It`s a beary cute card

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Once upon a time


Crown me, layout

Cowboy up, layout page

Woo Hoo 40% off

Love those 40% off at Hobby lobby. Copy clip and save

Here`s some help on savings

Feel free to copy this and save you a bit of cash on next purchase

How to video`s, welcome back

Fall has arrived and with it the cooler temps, and a more relaxing day and time.  This being said I would like to take this time to announce the crafting loft will once again be doing those wonderful how to video`s.  Yes I had gotten away from the for a short time, but  back  and ready to challenge those crafts that needs instructions. So I will be showing you every step, so that you and I both can learn new ideas.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

This is a mini album, with lots of room for you pics, loads of tagging. This mini has whimy, and loaded with soft color. Catch all the fun on my how to videos.

It`s all in the way you slide it

This is a banded card that folds open as you slide the band. The flower twirls. I loved making this fun fun sure to catch all my how to videos.

Friday, October 12, 2012

It`s in the fold

This can be made with a manila
 folder, folded over. Tabs glued and labels added to the tabs.  This one was made using a scrapbooking program, print images onto either clear transfer paper or print out designs and add to front of folder.  Easy as pie, not as yummy but still LOL 

I loved using cricut to make all the scrolling edged back peices and the crows was to fun to create. Add a ribbion to the back and hang this lo vely sign on any door to welcome the Autumn

Secrets in the purse

Every girl needs a purse, what more fun is one thatholds a ton of pictures. I made this using cricutthe purses are to fun to vreate and so many options to use. love it.  i do have a video I made on how to make this purse.

Door sign

I loved using cricut to make all the scrolling edged back peices and the crows was to fun to create. Add a ribbion to the back and hang this lovely sign on any door to welcome the Autumn season.

Mini album gone mad, ohhh spooky

This just to fun, it`s a  mini album ready for pics. I have a video on how to make it on my channnel on you tube. Just getting my youtube and my blog back up and running.  More fun projects to follow


All loaded up for the party

This is a invitation for a Fall or Halloween party

Spooks in the house?

.This is a photo layout page for those little spooks of yours. Open the windows and place and view those costume pics. Too cute. I do have a viedo on how to make this, it easy and fun. I walk you step by step in all my videos, watch and enjoy.

PIck me

Here is a card I made for fall just for  the fun of it.

Follow the leader

This was just a blast to use my cricut and cut out these too cute animlas heading out of the zoo.  Addded a few pumpkins and the Elphant and the crows were set for fall.  This is a card that will have the little ones smiling.

This Cat is you, kitty costume card.

This card was made using the cricut "Paper Dolls" Cartridge. I had a blast making this. Perfect for a less spooky card for your younger ones. Or even a great teacher card, tuck in with a bag of goodies for  your fav childs teacher.

First came marriage and the Crows?

This a baby carriage  with crows nesteld and tucked insdie. There little heads peeking out to take a look.  This is a baby card for the fall season, perfect for a new born.

Peek a Boo, Hello

Hello banners can used many places, so feel free to add this on where you would like.  I enjoyed making this banner, with cute kittens looking over the pumpkins.  Enjoy

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New fall designs

Here is a layout page for those litttle spooks of yours.
Tagging area and picture placemats for those fav Halloween pics.